About us

Turkish fastener Fast provides a wide range of high quality products to screw and bolt users in the field of fasteners.

company’s which specializes in import and export trade and has gained a deep mass throughout the country, has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle and aims at sustainability with its more innovative steps every day.

Our company is in a leading position in cooperation with its business partners. We have proven our success by offering the best price and reducing our customers’ inventory costs by 50%.

We are the leading fasteners supplier company of the world, representing our country in this field of expertise.

  • Standard Screws,
  • ( DIN 7500,7504, 7985,7981, ISO 14581,14583 etc )
  • (Thread forming screws for plastic)
  • ( Similar to Ejot PT,Delta PT,Taptite etc )


  • Special cold form pin,bolt,spring,turned parts
  • Optical sorting available
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Special and small packing

Sectors We Serve;

  • All automotive fasteners
  • Aircraft fasteners
  • Construction fasteners
  • Electronic device connectors
  • High-tech or industrial fasteners